In George Monbiot's words,"Bring on the Apocalyse" - this is to all of you who for some bizarre reason prefer to live in a dirty polluted world and at the cost of innocent animals and plants and the death of this planet.
Just maybe there is a 1% chance that Climate science is wrong (or who cares, even if it is 100% wrong) but for that 1% you prefer to live in filth and sacrifice all life!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Way we Eat and Why our Food choices Matter


Officially (UN FAO) ~18% of CO2e is agriculturally related. That is all the fossil fuels used in the production of meat. When you consider other factors like deforestation due to feedstock production, and or excess nitrates from chemical fertilisers that leach into the sea and cause massive algae blooms.. THE Number is really MUCH higher!

You can make a difference... with every BITE !!
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